WEB 0278 Andrejack Hope SGP.jpg

Hope Andrejack 


Height: 5'9

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown


Pericles*                      Thaisa                               New Swan Shakespeare Festival

Burn This*                   Anna                                 UCI-Illuminations 

Macbeth*                     Macbeth                            University of California Irvine

She Kills Monsters*     Kaliope                             University of California Irvine

Long Days Journey*    Mary                                 University of California Irvine 

Mid. Night's Dream*    Hippolyta                         New Swan Shakespeare Festival

Seminar *                     Izzy                                   University of California Irvine

Gilgamesh*                  Ninsun/Bard/Aruru           University of California Irvine

Company the Musical   Joanne                              University of California Irvine

The Penelopiad             Penelope                           New Swan Shakespeare Festival

Merchant of Venice       Portia                                New Swan Shakespeare Festival

Two Gent. of Verona     Lucetta/Outlaw/Host        University of California Irvine

Hold Steady                  Amari                               University of California Irvine 

Pericles                        Queen Simonides              Marymount Manhattan College 

The Three Sisters          Natasha                             Marymount Manhattan College 

Columbinus                  Dispatcher/Judge               Marymount Manhattan College 

*Online or Recorded Production 


When We Watch                      Faith                    K.B. Theatre Company 

Blood Wedding                       Old Woman         University of California Irvine

Communication                      Vic                       Columbia University

Unproductive Web Series       Samanatha           Brooklyn College 

Education & Training

University of California Irvine: MFA 

ACTING: Richard Brestoff, Andrew Borba, & Eli Simon

VOICE: Cynthia Bassham (Fitzmaurice) 
SPEECH: Philip Thompson (KTS) 
MOVEMENT: Annie Loui

Marymount Manhattan College: BA Theatre Performance

ACTING: Timothy Johnson, John Basil, Craig Baldwin & David Lee 

VOICE: Barbara Adrian & Jean Taylor
VIEWPOINTS: Ellen Orenstein 

Advanced Acting for Film & TV with Dani Super

Acting for the Camera at The Acting Studio with Rodney Ferrer

David Cady Commercial Class

No Fear Shakespeare Workshop 

Intensive at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts- Two Week Intensive: On Camera Class East 


Guitar, Horse Riding, Boxing, Contact Improv, Hand-to-hand combat, 7th Degree Aikido, Valid Driver's License (manual & automatic), Passport, Best-Sneeze Award Accents: British (Cockney, Antique, Standard RP, MLE), Southern (Rhotic, Non-Rhotic), New York, Boston, Irish (Galway, Dublin), French, Russian, Spanish, Australian, Character Voices (try me)